I been playing for about a year. Right now, I can play Classical Gas while half sleeping. And trying to learn asturias(and I think I almost got the hang of it). I was looking for tougher fingerstyle songs but I don't really know any. I prefer instrumental guitars without any singing. Also, I'm looking for some spanish songs but I don't really know where to start. I was wondering if there are any fingerstyle spanish/blues or any good instrumental songs for me to try.

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Guajiras by Paco de Lucia
Bohemian Rhapsody for solo guitar from Guitar World, there was a tab of it on here but they may have taken it down
Turkish March
+1 Romanza

I recommand you Stairway to Heaven. Also My Name is Jonas, Bouree in E Minor (aka Classico/Rock Your Socks - Tenacious D), and the intro to Under the Bridge. Not tough, per say, but good songs for fingerstyle.
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lol I was not so hardcore about guitar...hell, when my guitar broke, I was like oh well I'm not spending money to fix this and gave up for few weeks. I'm been playing on and off and slowly picking up the pace now.
La Catedral by Barrios (three movements, two slow, third picks up the pace big time but it's fun as hell to play...even though I can't get it all quite clean yet).
Any Kotaro Oshio songs, even though they are pretty difficult

Oasis is a good one, but it has a really akward tuning to it (AEEF#GbD)

But all his songs are good

anddddddddd +1 Romanza


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