You said forever

As I nodded in agreement

I stand behind my promise

You stand behind your blatant lie


I'd much rather watch from a safe distance

Than be forced to spoil your new hiding place

Just know that although

You can't be found there now

Eventually the mobs will discover and hang you

There's only one truly safe place for you

But the longer you pretend

The more foreign it will become

It's depressing to us both because we both know it

You are impatient and wish to grow up

I am too patient and wish to just slow things down

You don't even like clowns

So why coerce yourself into doing so?

I loved you so untainted

Never once did I smudge myself

Even now

I am pure

Purely yours

But I guess this is goodbye

The aged scotch wasn't enough

To entice the little girl forever

Although that is what she said
You need to work on your m.u.g.s, man.
All of my amps go up to 11