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Well what did you expect? That we'd all come in here and say something like, "oh, $200? That sounds right." Everyone who has posted has made the point very clear; if you REALLY want that, it's going to be EXPENSIVE. VERY EXPENSIVE. Especially if you want to have it done really well, by someone who's going to get that picture down exactly.
I don't think anyone meant the jokes in any bad way, I just think no one would ever think to put this one a guitar because of how expensive it would be

I mean for the type of money you'd spend on that money I could more than likely have the Edwards RV 148 and Peavey VK 112 I'm saving for, if not an even better amp!

A better place to ask this would be GG&C, I think there are some painters there, they would probably have a better idea than us. But it's still definitely going to be a ton.

Post pics if you get it lol
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call around some local custom car and bike shops. they'll do it. might be expensive though.
Thank you please.
you might be able to get it silk-screened
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