I started playing the guitar about 4 months ago and I have really started liking bluesy-hard rock bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. I'm a pretty big fan of Slash and Joe Perry. I've started to notice that when I'm playing I'm not really working on anything like scales or anything else that is related those styles of music. I know the basic blues scales but thats about it. I was just wondering if anyone has some good scales and exercises I could work on to have similar bluesy style to Slash and Joe Perry. If anybody has a set practice schedule that would also help a lot....Thanks
Don't worry about running up and down scales. Scales aren't shapes, they are sets of notes that can be played anywhere. Once you get totally familiar you will be able to play anywhere and know exactly what you are doing. For more info on scales and other music theory, check out the MT board.

As far as excercises, just learn as much of your favorite music as you can. Take difficult sections of songs and play them slowly and deliberately until you can play them perfect, than speed them up a little until you can play them at the original tempo. An important tool for this is the Metronome, which provides a steady beat with which to play along to (another good way is to play along with Guitar Pro or Powertab files). Again, there is a lot of information in the Musician Talk board that you might find useful.

In case your interested- another great rock guitarist who was heavily influenced by blues was Dimebag Darrel of Pantera, and you might enjoy some of their music also (though they are more of a groove metal band than a blues rock band). You can learn a lot from guitarists like him, and also guitarists who play other styles of music. Paul Gilbert is an amazing virtuoso, who's style is mainly neoclassical metal, but even if you aren't into that style of music, he is a great teacher, and there are HUNDREDS of videos of him teaching different things (at different skill levels) on youtube and abroad.

Another video I highly recommend watching is "Melodic Control" by Marty Friedman, which basically teaches you how to improvise solos right off the top of your head.

Good luck and have a good time- because playing guitar kicks lots of ass and it's even more fun when you can do it well