Ok, so I am a very basic beginner guitar player. I learned the chords and a few other things. I started on an electric just because frankly I want to be able to entertain myself and no one else (I was told you become a better player if you start on an acoustic). Because I'm not sure how much I will play or quickly I will catch on I picked up an Ibanez IJX121 for the time being.

I know you guys are much more guitar players than I'll probably EVER be, so thanks from this humble person with your help and hopefully not too much flaming.

So as to not lose interest (in other words, something to do in between learning chords which can be quite boring) I decided to learn to play the basics of a simple song, something I could sort of revert to when I was bored with learning the other basics.

I chose All Apologies. All is pretty fine. I'm using this tab:


My only problem (aside from the fact I can't completely play it at full speed yet due to lack of dexterity and practice), is when I hit G flat on the 11th fret...I hit the 11th fret twice, no problem, but when I hit the 9th fret of G flat right after I get a tone that almost sounds like a hearing test tone, then no more problems at all during the song.

I tried to replicate it but can't any other way...I tried bending or hammering the same thing to get a tone but I can only get it if I am doing 11 11 9 as shown in the above tab.

Any suggestions? Thanks a million.

PS - I can perfectly accept if it is just be being a sucky guitar player.
cant tell for sure, but it might just be something simple like your not fretting hard enough, or maybe ur action is poorly set and your getting fretbuzz. judging by the fact that it doesnt happen when you play slow id say its just the way your fretting. I'd just keep practising and it might go away as you get better as it.
Sounds like you're hitting a harmonic. Likely due to your fretting.
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Sounds like you're hitting a harmonic. Likely due to your fretting.

That's what I thought.
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You're probably right...I just picked up the guitar for the first time yesterday and it feels like my fingers are going to bleed at this point I've been playing so much. I noticed my play quality was getting worse and worse so I finally called it quits for now. I don't like to fail and the song sounds like **** though, haha.
Dude take it easy...i mean your fingers need to harded and develop callouses...

You'll get better but it's gonna take a lot more than a day...so work on it and u'll be fine !

But if possible get a guitar playing friend to check out how you hold the guitar,pick and play notes...cause if u're doing anythin wrong he'll be able to correct it for you..

And check this out...


Some good videos to check your technique...

Have fun man !!! And don't worry..in a year or so u'll be able to flame other n00bs
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Just keep playing it slowly then, the more you practice it the better your hand will remember it and eventually you'll be able to play it faster, it just takes time to build up speed.
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