So I'm planning on working a lot this summer so I can buy a new guitar and i was just wondering which of these guitars you think would be best. I'm into screamo most right now but I'm also interested in a lot of other genres and I don't want my guitar to be stuck with just one so I want it to be pretty versatile. As of right now I have a Squier Fat Strat which really isn't cutting it anymore and a Fender Cyber Deluxe for an amp. Do you think the ESP Eclipse-II, Ltd EC-1000, Gibson SG Standard, or a Gibson Les Paul Studio would be the best for me? Thanks
I would say from those guitars the gibson sg would be best...
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Eclipse II if you don't mind the lack of frets compared to the EC-1000 Deluxe.
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ec-1000 im gonna get one wen i get the money im gonna get the vb its flat black with gold hardware and binding
For screamo, id go with the Sg or Les Paul. But if yo uwant to branch out into more metal infulences then the Esp Eclipse-ll, or the Ltd EC-1000. Actually the Les Paul and Esp Eclipse-ll are kinda one and the same, they have subtle differences.
Just go to the store and try them, if you ask here you'll get opinions on w/e genre the person plays, as their choice in that liste of guitars
don't rule out a fender american deluxe strat. now that is the most versatile guitar i've ever played.
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Yeah I was thinking the SG. I do like Fender but i'd like an HH or HSH configuration and Fender doesn't really offer that. How does the EC-1000 compare to the ESP Eclipse II?