Some video games have soundtracks with some really good guitar in them,the best ones (I think) are

Advent: One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
The entire Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Soundtrack
The Theme Song From Twisted Metal 2
most of the zelda songs, especially the gerudo valley one
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the theme song to the original doom
it is in midi...

but it sounds thrashy and stuff
its rad
The theme to Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2... A local band here covered it and I nearly jizzed my pants.
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One-Winged Angel>Advent: One-Winged Angel

You must not have great taste in FFVII music.

Anything by Nobuo Uematsu, that man is a ****ing genuis, specifically:

Aerith's Theme

Hell, anything Nobuo is underated, especially his work with the Black Mages (Check out Those Who Fight Further/Still More Fighting).
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Mega-man soundtracks. Especially Fire Man from 2.
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
Boss song from FF7.. old memories from like 9 years ago... but i remember it being awesome
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the theme song to the original doom
it is in midi...

but it sounds thrashy and stuff
its rad

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Mega-man soundtracks. Especially Fire Man from 2.
Indeed. The intros to Mega Man III and Mega Man II are so awesome.

The boss fight theme from Final Fantasy VII.
there is a iron man game coming up that will have kickass music Ta da ta dada dadadadadadada ta da da xD
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