If you have this guitar, have played it, or have a friend with one, I could use some help. Is this guitar worth getting? I love the look and sound of Danelectro, but I have some questions. I know it sounds great, but how does it feel? I've heard it's very light, but I heard that the material that is used for the guitar is weird. What exactly is it made of? Does it feel like a joke guitar? That's what I've heard anyways. Do you think it's a better deal than a MIM Tele? Any issues with it's durability or reliability? Is the neck fast? Any other info is great.

I know most of these I can answer by playing one, but none of the local stores around me carry Danelectro

Thanks for help
i have 2 dano's the dano pro and 56 pro

they are different guitars but all these danos are very similar, firstly they are made of cheap material and hollow, they are basically a shell, they all have tlipstick pickups aswell, the soudn you get is similar to a tele, the guitar has beautiful cleans, the bridge has an almost country like twang to it and the neck has a thick deep clean that is just beautiful. the guitars dont handle high gain particularly well but dont mind a little bit of overdrive, if you dont oevrdo it with gain they have a nice distortion sound.


the guitar is made of masonite with a rosewood fretboard i believe, it feels like a real guitar, reliability wise they seem to be pretty good, my first i bought in stroe the 2nd i ordered over the net and it had no real problems, i find they tend to haev rattling strings whic hcan be annoying the yalso have pretty high action, the neck is not very fast, its smoth adn feels comfortable but its very fat the fatest neck iv ever felt

hope that helps
Yeah, that helped a lot, thanks From how you described the lipstick tube pickups, it seems like it's a lot like the tele as far as sound goes. Twangy bridge, deep clean neck sounds, etc. And I'm very glad to hear that it feels like a legit guitar and not some cheapo plastic stuff. I think I'll go for it the next time I see one on ebay. Thanks a lot that was very helpful
I have, well, the guitar in my sig

I got it to use it as a slide guitar, but my main guitar had to go to the repair shop (and ended up there being there for four months!) and I didn't have the Explorer yet, so for four months the Danelectro wa all I had.

First of all, it's not a fast neck. Definitely not. And yes, the neck is beautiful but weird material is used - and that goes for the body as well. But weird isn't always bad - Cameron Diaz once proved that - I really like it, but it's not like your regular guitar.

The rattling mentioned before was a bit of a problem with my guitar too, but it wasn't really noticable in the actual signal. My action is a bit high because I set it up to play slide on, but you can't get very low action anyway. It's not that kind of guitar. Sound is beautiful though - although I wouldn't want to draw a straight line to the Telecaster sound. The Tele's got more 'twang', and the Danelectro mid-switch position 9both pickups) is warmer (in a distinctive way) than most times I hear Teles. ^^

And you need to get used to how the knobs work in reverse.
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i just traded away my dano u2 pro and it was amazing. chunkier neck kindof like a les paul but not bad to play on at all. they are lighter guitars but they still feel sturdy. the lipstick pickups are amazing clean and with some overdrive get amazing blues tones.
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Thanks a lot, both posts helped a lot. I love blues and classic rock so I'd think it would sound perfect. And to be honest I don't need a very fast neck. I don't shred or any of that so it isn't an issue. That's weird what you said about the control knobs being in reverse I never knew that.

Anyways it sounds to me like the Dano is a steal for the price and definitely worth checking out. Thanks a lot