ok i have this riff i came up with in the Aminor scale and i want to use the same riff but in drop C tuning.

now. can i play the riff in the same place for it to sound right? or would i have to move up or down?

i have no idea how things change when you drop tune.


if im not clear enough let me know ill try to explain better
well, this is kinda complicated to explain; it depends where the riff is on the neck. if you tab ot a little segment i could explain easier. Basically, anything you play on the low E string, (now C string) is going to have to be moved up 2 whole steps, but everything else stays the same. Now, I dont mean to sound condesending, but in case you dont know, this is where theory would come in a a little helpful... The riff could be transposed into a different key so it could be played more easily with the detuned string, however it would not sound the same since it would be in a different key than whatever it was origionally in.
I take it your in D standard?
If you are and if that riff happens to be played on the low D string, that your detuning, then yes it will change.

All the notes will slide over 2 frets towards the pickup side of the guitar. So instead of having to use play a power chord this way

you can play that same power chord like this


Because the note that was once in the open position moved over 2 frets.

Let me know if I helped or totally messed you up.