Hey all not sure if this is the right place to post but i'm new here. I've read all the FAQ's and what not so I think it should all be good.

Just wondering if anyone here could possibly write up a decent lesson on flamenco guitar basics. Had a look around and couldn't find anything on here or anywhere else on the net (without paying).

Thanks in advance
i found a bunch of great free flamenco lessons on youtube.com here flamenco lessons

i have been growing my fingernails and trying to play the rumba (i think this is the first thing you should learn) . anything you play wit the rumba rhythm sounds like instant gypsy kings. i know there is a lot more to flamenco than that but it's a very gratifying start.

i was wondering if anyone knew what the optimal fingernail length, cutting technique and tips for strengthening them were?

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In my opinion, and actually I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one, if you want to get serious in this style of guitar it should be learned with a teacher only, due to the fact that flamenco is very difficult and if the beginning player starts on it's own he/she might develop bad technique which is extremely important in flamenco so I don't think is recommened to try to learn it on your own. Try to find a good teacher in your area, even thought unfortunately is very hard to even find one anywhere. Now if you just kind of want to try it out and use it minimally then is ok to do it by yourself, I don't actually know any websites for that sorry but i just thought I would inform you.