This is for all you guys who have home-made Piezo's. I highly recommend you also put in an Electric pickup in the soundhole just for fun so you can switch from acoustic to electric tones without switching guitars.

But anyways, here it is:

Best picture I could get, if you need a 9000 hour drawing in MS paint let me know. To do this by word of type, here we go:

I put the Piezo on the bottom backside of the soundhole. So that's the High E and closer to the bridge, just before the skeleton. It barely fits under there. It's right next to this pickup:

That being said, even though they're right next to each other, they both give different sounds. The Piezo has a more treble/acoustic sound and the Electric Single Coil has a deeper, more defined sound. So together, you have a TRUE Acoustic/Electric by how I look at it.

Just for advice, Invader Jim suggested me using electric strings and so I do. I use custom gauge. That along the lines of Extra Lights. It was actually one number down, so if it was 47 or the bass string it was 46 in electric. The custom gauge costs more, but it's worth it once you hear the tonality of it.

Hope you guys liked this! I had gotten massive bass/mid feedback when placing it directly under the bridge, and that was the reason I tried it here. If you want sound clips just ask and I'll try to get some up.
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Awesome. I tossed together a piezo pickup the other day. I'm in the process of building Jim's preamp for it as well. I have sound clips in my profile. I'm going more for a removable type setup though.
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did you make that sound hole cover for the single coil? it seems like it would sound great plugged in but wouldn't that ruin the acoustic sound if you're just sitting around strumming at home?