I just turned old enough to get a job with my cousin at her work and im hopefully going to run into some money soon. i just joined a new band and when i showed up to practice wiht my 50watt combo amp they looked at me like i was retarded. their families are rich as hell and they all have really nice gear... pretty embarrasing really. i was thinking about getting a new amp with the money that i earn. the problem is, i have little knowledge about amps. combos, half stacks, full stacks, whatever the hell else there is... talk to me about them. what should i consider buying?
Go to GG&A.
And btw, 50 watts valve will be far more than enough you need
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Anyways, are you playing gigs? Just jamming?

weve been writing music for a few weeks, should be gigging in a month or so. ill take it to another section though. thanks guys.