hey UG,
i had a tech put a new pickgaurd on and he has wired everything up except he must of forgot to wire up the neck + middle pickup. Is this easy to do by your self? could someone tell me how to do it
Well he didn't do his job properly then! Take it back to him so he finishes what you paid him to do!
nah... because cbf... because i waited without it for long enough i don't wanna run the risk of waiting for it again
'Forgot' to wire up the pickups? Take the damn thing back.

If you've got any grasp of soldering it won't be too hard to redo, but sounds like your tech doesn't have a clue....so for all you know the whole thing may be totally wrong. Here's SD's take on the stock wiring anyway:

no.. he is a very good tech and ino that.. he is a professional fender dealer. anyways everyone makes mistakes. Btw is only the 4th position that doesn't work
I'm sorry, but any decent tech will at least do a quick test to check their work before handing the guitar back over. Anyway, compare your guitar's wiring to the diagram above then, and look for any loose connections or crossed wires. If in doubt, resolder.