If you encounter the site and are lured to buy guitars from it, i remind you to be very very very careful with your money, or else your money will be completely wasted.

For I have bought several guitars from this site for my kids only to find that they are badly made with stupid sounds. My dollar are completely ruined for these rubbish guitars.

I am not against China products and I've been there times and I admit there are some guitar producers who can make fake brand guitars with very high quality.

If you really wanna buy Cheap Guitars, if really have to find sellers with big credibility. Better consult the guys who have bought guitars from them.

Let's me know if you have any concerns and I can be always there if you need any help.Warning about buying guitar from bazaarofchina.com
LOL whe you click on larger image it makes a smaller one!
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thanks for the attempted, but we're all pretty well-versed in the crappyness that is bazaarofchina.com, because they spammed the forums not too long ago.

There's really no point for this thread and I think it's actually against the rules, so...

Thanks for being kind enough to warn us anyway.
For those who care.
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