Nobody likes it, but this time, you really are wrong if you don't.

Here's a few bands you should be listening to right now:

Recommended listen: Anything

Recommended listen: "Which Is Worse?" & "Brainworms/The Catalyst Split EP"

Recommended listen: Anything

Recommended listen: "The Marianas Trench" & "Brainworms/The Catalyst Split EP"

Recommended listen: "Midnight Venom"

Recommended listen: Anything

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Buy Brainworms and The Catalyst releases on Robotic Empire. Brainworms merch on Rorschach Records website.
Buy Sabertooth Zombie merch/releases from Twelve Gauge Records.
Buy Mother Speed gear from their MySpace.

If you don't like at least one of these bands then I have no faith in this board anymore, stop riding so high on the saddle of ****ting metal, siqq breakdownz and flat brim 59-50's and listen to some good tunes by good dudes.

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I dig most these bands to an extent but I don't like Mother Speed.

By the way the reason this board gets lame sometimes is because regulars get too cool/don't have enough time to post on here anymore and so nothing productive happens and it gets over run with crappy bands.
Hour of the Wolf are incredible, and Lewd Acts are pretty awesome too.
I haven't heard of the other two but I'll check them out.
I love Hour of the Wolf, made a thread about them quite a while back and haven't really listened to them since, but that first EP was almost perfect, the second wasn't quite so good with the bluesyness but still well worth a listen. Great band.
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I really can't get the hype with Sabertooth Zombie. They're decent, but kids are making them out to be the best band around now. Can't agree with that at all

Lewd Acts is great though
checking out when im done listening to 311, even though I already know a few of them

Edit: Lewd Acts, The Catalyst and Mother Speed are all awesome
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made a thread on Lewd Acts while ago, no responses....But yeah i love em. Sabertoof is pretty good, nothing to rave about, the other ones i don't pay too much attention to
major, major props on hour of the wolf. both eps are good but like andrew says, the first is better. will have a listen to the others later on.
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major, major props on hour of the wolf. both eps are good but like andrew says, the first is better. will have a listen to the others later on.

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I have cancer, fight me.
Lewd Acts is sweet ****.
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin

Hour of the Wolf is sickkkkk
ive seen em a few times
great live show

Lewd acts are down havent listened to em lately though

Sabertooth Zombie were awsome when they played with Ceremony by me

havent listened to the others but knowing you they are probably sickk so ill check em out
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They are doing a split with a really good local band here in baltimore, Surroundings. They should be doing it soon, they have one of the songs on the myspace. I'll be seeing Surroundings with Bane on monday, can't wait. They are sludgy but definitely bring energy.