Alright heres the deal, I have a Spider III 150, It cost me 450 dollars I want to try out a tube amp that is comparible in price watts etc. Can anybody help me out?
Peavey Classic 50, probably used at that price + a boost for metal, if you have an eq pedal stick it in the loop that will help it even more. The amp can do metal just fine by itself if you crank it up though.
I play basically everything from Rock to heavy metal Ac/dc to Megadeth that sort of stuff. Don't gig regularly but we practice once a week for fun so I need something to keep up with drums, 100 watts at least, I think
100 watts is 3 db louder than 50 watts through the same speakers. You'll do fine with a Peavey Classic 50, especially if you angle it up or raise it off the ground. I gigged for a long time with its little brother, the 30 watter, and it kept up with a 500 watt solid state pos, bass, and a reallllyyyyy loud drummer.

Oh and recently I gigged with my triple recto (150 watts), my other guitarist had the single recto (50 watts), and the single kept up just fine
Yeah, the Classic 30 is a good 'un. The Peavey Valveking series is also very cheap and sounds alright for modern rock, though the quality is a long way off the Classic series.

And believe me (and Mr Ocean)...100W is criminally loud. Your spider might be '150W', but I'm willing to bet a 15W tube amp with a good speaker could keep up with it easily.
also, will i need a pedal to add to the amps sound? like a metal zone for instance? I have never used an amp that could get that metal sound w/o one so I am admittedly ignorant on that.
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