Ive been toying for a while now if I should buy one of the LINE6 PODS, or buy different pedals etc.

I am only using a BOSS MT2 MetalZone so I dont have much features in the way of EFX etc.

Now I seen on YouTube alot of good guitarists not only get to record to there PC via POD but they also can get nearly any tone or sound they want using it.

I just have a few questions about it before I buy one tomorrow from SoundControl for only £98:

1) I have seen a guy that has just the POD 2.0, but during his songs he manages to change the tone maybe once or twice by using some sort of a footswitch or pedal. Now I thought it was only the PODXT LIVE that had this or can you buy a footpedal for the POD 2.0?

2) I know alot of people when they record with POD they do it straight to PC and play it via that, but I take it you can also plug it into your AMP too? And can you do both at the same time, like have it playing out of your amp, but recording into your PC too?

3) Does anyone know any good sites that show you which settings to use on the POD for different bands tones etc? I think I seen them called patches or something?

Thanks and hope someone can shed some light on this for me before I buy it for some confidence, its down from £199 to £98 on sale so I need answers quick.

http://line6.com/pod20/ all your questions and more.

but quickly:

1) you can buy external footswitches (recommended)

2) Not entirely sure, but the device has various outputs, so it's probably possible

3) Google search it, there's undoubtedly such a place, possibly a forum. Playing around with it yourself will be much more rewarding though
As for footswitches, im I best to buy the POD 2.0, then a footswitch, or wait a few months then buy a PODXT LIVE?

I mean is there any difference? I dont gig or anything (yet) im mainly in my house and sometimes down the studio with my mates practising etc.

Im just pondering what I should do cause I dont wanna buy something then regret it.

I seen I can get the POD for lets just say £100 then the FBV Express board is around £70 so we are talking £170 in total for all that.

Im just wondering is it worth it all? Or would I be better waiting then spending an extra £50-70 and just getting the POD XT LIVE?

Or.... should I be stepping away from POD all together and just buying more pedals?

**sorry for being a pain in the ass but I just dont wanna fart away my money**
Buying individual pedals will ultimately cost you more. I know, I've got over £500 worth of little metal boxes sitting under my bed.

If you want a massive range of effects and tones in one unit multi fx is the only way to go.

You've just got to look at what's available and decide what is best for a) what you need and b) your budget.

Line 6 aren't the only company who do them either. Check out Boss and Zoom and Digitech.
I know you can get like BOSS GT10 etc, but I just thought LINE 6 where more popular.

Im looking on eBay (sad) but there is LINE 6 POD XT LIVE's going for like £120-180.

I mean it wont matter that its second hand, I mean its not a guitar its just a board?

The cheapest I seen it new was £250 on GAK, £230 PREOWNED, so maybe eBays a good option?
As long as the seller certifies that it works like new I wouldn't mind buying used.

Lurk the forums a bit and you'll see the suggestion "get a used...." quite often.

When it comes to the different brands the old expression "you get what you pay for" pretty much sums it up. I've heard many a good thing said in the favour of Boss high end effects units.
I phoned my m8 there about it and he has a BOSS GT8 and he said he would lend me it to try but im still tempted to pay £150 for the XT LIVE, mean it means I can get all the tones I need at easy access.

But as for finding the sites on tones still no luck lol.. Found one but its crap.
I'd definitely gibe the Boss a go, just to try out. Even if you just spend an hour with it.

Line 6 website claims:

PODXT Live has a total of 128 preset locations ready for instant recall via large, stage-ready channel footswitches. Right out of the box, PODxt Live is loaded with 80 custom, pre-programmed tones with dedicated patches for running in front of an amp or direct recording. Plus, you've got lots of open locations just waiting to be filled with your own creations or selections from our vast online tone library with thousands of signature sounds from the greatest guitarists, bands, songs and gear of all time.
So I think you can download patches of specific artists (though I'll bet any money they need tweaking)

Also, there's an ultimate settings thread in one of the UG forums you can use. It won't be tailored specifically to the Pod, but you can use the info in there to build your own patches once you learn how to dial them in.
Pod XT live is a huge step up from the pod 2.0. I have both and i can tell you the XT sounds alot better and has many many more models and effects on board as well as an expression pedal for wahs, volume, gain level and effects parameters. Frankly you would need the Line6 motherboard to have near the kind of control(channel switching + expression and volume) the xt live has and that would push the price of the pod 2 over the going price of an xt live.
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Im bidding on an XT LIVE at the moment and it finishes soon so ill let you know if I win it or not.

Ill still have a look about for patches because I remember getting a site before that had loads of patches for download on loads of artists uploaded by users but you had to register and I forgot hense why I lost the link.

Again crossed-fingers, touch wood I win this XT LIVE and it will make my guitaring life alot easier.

Thanks again for all your help guys,

If anyone knows any sites or finds any please post here or contact me via MSN:

sorry, there's a sale at my local guitar store, and i was wondering, this POD can record directly to your computer, with what rogram, cables etc, what exactly do you need to record to your computer.

thanks, i just need a way to get some tracks down.
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i just got the boss mt-2 metal zone pedal today. i got the adapter for it but how do i know if its charging?
I would think they would give you software with it if not download it from LINE 6's site.

It records via a USB port for STEREO sound.
I managed to get the POD XT LIVE.

Paid a little more but thats the joys of quick think bidding (THANKS A ****ING LOT EBAY!)

Paid £200 for the POD.. better be worth the money lol.

Btw found a site, CustomTones for the .l6t files.
you'll be pretty happy with it. i have an XT with the metal shop pack. (i think the live comes with that preinstalled) and i can tell you its a wonderful direct recording Swiss army knife type tool.

also if you want to use it in conjunction with an amp, plug the left output directly into the FX return of your amp (bypasses preamp) and set the pod to poweramp combo/stack

At least this is how i use it with my amp and it sounds great
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