Hi guys been playing the guitar for about 3 1/2 years just trying to learn some Andy Mckee (Rylynn) having problems tuning to this ECDGAD.

Ive tired using my Cromatic tuner and tuning each of the strings to the desired tuning, but once i put the Capo on the 5 fret (see the tab, partial capo at the 5th 6th-3rd strings) it doesnt sound quite right?

am i doing something wrong? does the Tuner need to be in a specific key? been doing it in C which is what the tuner starts on.

any help anyone could give id greatly appreciate as im busting to learn this song.

cheers UG team.
Id say either your guitar has poor intonation or your tuner isnt set to 440 hz.

go there and then custom tuning

enter your tuning and listen to each note and tune it to the guitar.

That what I do for Andy Mckee songs, when he has fancy tunings

Hope it helps


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Thanks guys yea my tuner is set at 440hz, maybe its my guitar, but yea the Open strins sound good its mainly the G, didnt think u could fine tune with the capo on, i guess ill try this
after tuning the A to C you have to retune all the other strings, i couldn't get the C to stay in tune so i just leave out everything on that string
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