Poll: What's your opinion on airplane food?
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It's really tasty!
9 13%
It's....edible. I'm ok with it
40 60%
Total crap
8 12%
Seriously crappy food.
10 15%
Voters: 67.
Personally, I think some of it is rather bad. Sometimes its actually rather tasty though and the fact that I'm being served by a hottie sometimes while I'm sitting down in a comfy airplane seat watching a movie, is very nice

How bout you guys?
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Well the first time I thought I was about to die of being in state of total "WTF-ness"

Second time around it was alright, some kind of chicken and vegetables that tasted somewhat fresh. Of course it was still terrible.
Economy class food is horrible, whereas food in the business class is actually quite good...
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
sometimes i think it would taste better if they dropped it on the floor and marinaded it in dog shhit.... but then again its hard to fucck up a bag of peanuts
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from what I remember 15 years ago, it's absolutely horrible
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When I got it, it was really good. :S

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It's food.

If I can eat it, then I'm happy.

i'll eat anything as long as it is dead
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because it's the pit
Albums I Must Obtain
Call me Paul. I prefer that.
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I think you're my soulmate
I can't remember the last time I was on a flight that served a meal.

That's what happens when you fly easyjet and Ryanair.
I think it depends on the length of the flight and the seating you paid for. I was on a flight to San Fran from Toronto 3 years ago, and it was a mid week flight that was for whatever reason underbooked, and my brother and I were given the option to upgrade to 1st class for $100, so we did it for the sheer hell of it. I almost wish I hadn't done it. It was like a whole different world. The food was pretty much gourmet. Picture this.....would you like another dinner roll? How is your wine? More? no problem... Air travel hasn't been the same since.
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I think its quite nice. The only problem is that I need about 3 times more food.
It's ****e and I don't eat it.
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I love plane food.
Airplane food?
Well... the crumpets are nice...
I like crumpets.
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its usually pretty damn nasty...chicken or pasta??? chicken comes with disgusting sauce...pasta comes with disgusting sauce...they should work on their sauces...it depends on the airlines though...I heard Singapore Airlines has great food
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All they ever give me is tiny packets of peanuts. I'm not classy enough to get real food. I ride roach class.
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It's shit.


It's THE shit.
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