Hey all. Looking for metal/rock tone for practicing in room, willing to spend about £80 (including P+P so about 70 :P )

Is this perhaps the best amp out there? I've been told to stay away from MGs and Spiders and also that most amps for this amount of money are poor, and that Roland will give the best tone for that money, is this right?

http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/70526 the one im looking at atm

also watching some ebay bids

anyone have experience with rolands?
I've only really read good about them. Thinking of getting one for myself soon even. If you do let me know how it is
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I have a Cube 20X and I love it.

Very versatile and as long you don't get the volume above 5, you won't have any complaints about it.(but I guess that won't be necessary if you're just practicing in your room)