most reliable pedals? which brand

as the name suggests, which brand of pedal, based on, durability, sound quality, and reliability, do you find best?
I heared that Boss Pedals should be really reliable and have a good sound quality...
I have a Behringer TubeOverdrive and it sounds good if I use it with my ValBee. But its plastic-case is... wuah! I don't want to write "****"! I know that some DigiTech-Pedals have strong metal-cases too and the sound quality is fine.

So I would recommend Boss or DigiTech...
Electro-Harmonix are a very reliable pedal.

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Boss / Digitech / MXR
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Boss and Digitech I think is what your mainly going to hear. (maybe one or two others)
^my votes too
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I own both a boss and digitech pedal and have had no problems........... you could crack your skull on those
AMT pedals. Covered in metal :p and they sound good.

Lee Jackson pedals sounds effing good, and looks solid. But I've never tried one.
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Well I know that Line 6 has some nice ones that are like effing bombs and im getting a Digitech RP250 for my 16th bday so those are my choices... *ive never had any dealings with a Boss*
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I'm going to vote against EHX, I've heard bad things about their Holy Grail's breaking easily
It really depends on what kind of pedal. EH make a nice chorus and reverb pedal, MXR has a nice EQ pedal and their Noise Gate isn't too bad either, Line 6 makes some really nice delay pedals.

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I've always loved Boss pedals. Very reliable and heavy duty. Also I've had a Digitech Multi Effects for ages and it's lasted great.
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most reliable pedals? which brand

as the name suggests, which brand of pedal, based on, durability, sound quality, and reliability, do you find best?

those are a few very different questions. Durability/reliability are easily measurable but sound quality is subjective. Id say an Maxon/Ibanez Tube Screamer is a decent pedal to have. For distortion I like the video of the Landmine pedal thats on youtube.

Btw; this doesnt belong in the Electric Guitar forum.
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ehx pedals are notorious for falling apart
digitech (dod)used to have s(&**y switches and dodgy sound quality but are ok if more bland now(tho my whammy pedal disintegrated)
mxr are great
my dunlop crybaby is solid and awesome
and i have used several boss pedals as hammers
old marshall pedals are great.. the new silver ones not so
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morley wahs, metal and rock solid and no pots to wear out, mine takes quite a beating
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I have a boss Ds-1 and its goooooood...
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