I have a custom guitar neck that has no logo on the headstock. Is there a way to put one on besides slapping a sticker to it.
Yarr... print it on a clear sheet, then finish over it :/
Either that or inlay the design using your choice of material.
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Make a very tiny stencil and spray it on?
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what do you mean inlay the design? could I spray it on to a finish?
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what do you mean inlay the design? could I spray it on to a finish?

Inlay, you know, like you'd do inlay on a fretboard, except on the headstock. Looks classy, IMO
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its challenging and looks ****ty if you arent good at it. ive seen people inlay ebony into woods such as maple... its terrible. it loks like crayon writing almost no matter how you do it. gluing it will change the color of the maple, and blend the ebony color into the maple. you can get sticker-stencils, they cost like 20 dollars for 100 of them, haha. just tell them what you want. and you get a sticker, you slap it on, pull he surround part off, and it leaves your logo, you spray, pull the rest of the sticker off, your logo is on.
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