Hey im in a band called Best Left Unsaid, we just recorded a new song called sick of it. We are a four piece from New Zealand and only 16 years of age.


Check it out and tell me what u think
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
WOW thats reallly good!!! Its not exactly my style, i mean im not totally against the genre or anyhting, but still wow!! And you're only 16. Thats f*ckin amazing! I predict ye to go places

Just one thing that i noticed was that the changes i.e from the intro to the 1st verse are just a little messy, but its only minor

If u feel so inclined thers a link to my band in my sig
Overall, sounds tight, nice harmonies with the main vocals and backing vocals, and the guitar work is really nice, complimented by the drums, I really like this.

I love the little interlude with just the guitar too, then it kicks back in, seriously, really well done, really digging the sound!

C4C? Please check out some of my stuff

Thanks, Martin
Dude that's pretty damn sweet! The guitar riffs are koolio. Wish my band were as good...