Doesn't sound very useful.
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I think it's the same as oscillation picking style. Your picking hand should do "knock the door" motions. It's hard to explain but it learns itself when you pick for example:
g string with the downstroke and next the d string with the upstroke.

Watch this and read the comments Cheers man.

To be honest I really wouldn't take too much of what that website says as flat-out fact, it's full of opinions stated as facts, things that don't really make an awful lot of sense and nothing but worship for George Benson. To be honest as long as you're moving your picking hand from the wrist and aren't generating any excess tension when you play not much else really matters.
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There's no one ultimate way to pick. Learn the fundamentals (avoid tension, use minute movement, use the wrist to generate pick attack, don't excessively dig into the string with your pick, etc.) and then experiment with your own hand shape/size on the guitar. Observe your anatomical structure and conclude on what works best for you to deliver a relaxed pick attack with the aforementioned details. Post videos if you'd like and members of this forum will most likely critique your technique.

But once again, tuckandpatti is straight up opinion and isn't really backed by reasoning and evidence a whole lot. Take it for what it's worth.
I really don't like this technique. A jazz guitar instructor at this music program I go to uses the same picking as Benson, and when he showed me how he did it, it was really awkward. He held the pick at an angle opposite of how you would normally pick, and placed his whole hand down on the pick guard in a weird manner. He could pick pretty fast for jazz, and the angel that the pick does give you a very nice mellow tone rather than picking straight on, but if you wanted fast rock speed I wouldn't really try to pick this up.
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Marty Friedman uses this technique right?

I recently heard Jeff Young (ex megadeth) rant about if you don't know the benson technique, you don't know sh*t.

I mean other than the pick being at the maximum distance away from the wrist allowing less actual motion to pick a string i don't see any benefits. I hold it in a more common fashion and still hit the strings with the same angle and everything. At least with the angle i hold my guitar at.

I know this is an old thread but does anyone have any new input on this?
As has been said above, figure out what is most natural for you.
There's nothing wrong with some trial and error of exploring different tecniques, especially if you feel your current technique is not cutting it.
But eventually you'll probably wanna settle on something that feels good and gives you good results... and just stick to that.

Regardless of what anybody says... there's no single way to pick that is a perfect fit for everybody.
Your hand is not tuck andress' hand... and his hand is not george benson's hand... all of which are not petrucci's hand.
you get the point.