Worked as a glasswasher in a nearby club. Yeah, it was as bad it sounds. basically had to clean the place and wash the glasses (duh) for a stonking £2.25 ($4.50) an hour.

However, we managed to get our fair share of laughs, like getting ****faced while working at a wedding reception; and the night I dropped four candle holders, which smashed and sprayed molten white wax all over the front of my black trousers was immense. Got some funny looks when that hardened.
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paperboy. got 9$ a week and a sore shoulder. there were so many hills on my route that i had to go by foot
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I worked in a gourmet coffee roasters, hauling 60kg bags of coffee around, grinding roasted coffee, it was great craic!

I got like $10.50 an hour (New Zealand Dollars). Had it for 3 months 40 hours a week.
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Minimum Wage

Didn't do anything while i was there.

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I was a paper boy for ages.

1st real job was a stock assistant in a gift card shop.

Hated it. Can't remember the wage, probably a crap one.
i worked on a Gourd Farm or however you spell it, for about.. 5 months, mostly paid what was minimum wage at the time. eventually after convincing the people i work harder than min wage.. they gave me a 50 cent increase in pay... i hate them all now
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basketball referee, still am actually i got paid 4.50 a game, then it got bumped to 6.50 a game, now i get payed something like 9 dollars a game, more if i do seniors or have a learner ref with me.
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along with fire escape routes...

baking hamburgers at afasfood restaurant.
did it for a few months, got payed 8.6 euros'hour


I was a paper boy for about 3 months, but my first proper job was working last summer in a print factory. I ran lots of different machines and got £5/$10 an hour and got £1000/$2000 in the whole summer
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well i start tomorrow so it counts...

movie theater, mostly concessions and cleaning the theaters

$5.55 and hour but in july it goes up to $6.55
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Worked for a advertising/sales company walking around london trying to make people buy cuopons for cheap salon treatment for £60.

No wage, but I got to keep £20 from every sale made. It was rubbish.
Worked at a small pizza buffet.

Job consisted of rolling dough, making pizzas, cooking pizzas, cutting pizzas, putting pizza on buffet, and transporting 50 lb bags of flour off trucks for hours at a time.

got paid minimum wage, which at the time was like $5.25 I think.
Also got to eat at the buffet for free before or after my shift.

had that job for almost 2 years
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i think i have this one. i had to hand out the metro (a FREE newspaper) at egham train station. i did it for 6 days and got paid £6.50 and hour. worked from 6:30am till 10.
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I worked in Forbidden Planet (comic and sci-fi shop) for 2 years as my first job. Pay was ok for being still at school, £4.60 an hour.

Just minced about all day and read comics. w00t w00t
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Workin as a stock boy in woolies. only got $6.10 an hr.

Best bit was we were allowed ipods so i got some metal pumpen in mi ears and ignored customers. Plus if things broke by "accident" *wink* u could just preety much eat em lol. Had it for 9 months musta eaten like at least $100 worth of food.
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Tought some local children how to play the guitar, piano etc,
Got paid: you know around 600INR per kid.
In fact i m still doing it!!
dishwasher/helped cook
minimum wage under the table
loved it
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I worked as a sales assistant in Superdrug for a few months last year. It was ok, the pay was above what I expected for my age (£5.35) and the staff were reasonably pleasant. However I just don't think I'm suited to working in cosmetics.
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everyones been a paperboy i think, lol

my first realy job though was as a delivery boy for a indian takeaway, it was alright, wasn't so bad my car used to stink of curry though lol. basically me and my lil brother driving round listening to music. the pay was great too! surprisingly. i think it was £6 an hour, not bad for a 17 year old apprently, but i use to split that with my brother. only bad thing really was my boss, after i stopped working for him he used to keep ringing me up and asking me too work... and then when i told him i couldn't he would ask for my friends numbers so he could ring them.

but that was ages ago, now i work in woolworths lol
The most cliche one: Paperboy. I was 13 I think.
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I worked at Hot Topic Unfortunately for about a year, and made $5.15/$5.85 an hour.
It sucked though because usually i'd only get 12 hours a week, and I had to deal with dumbass hot topic kids. (I myself only bought jeans from there, I worked there for money and because like 3 of my friends worked there.)
I can't believe i worked there. That was a sh*t job.
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First job, worked in a place that did laundry for hotels. found a lot of cool shirts for free, but the laundry was pretty disgusting seeing as how well, you know what people do in hotels (luckily the maids usually had to deal with THAT). worst thing ever was a pillow case soaked (i can't stress enough that by soaked i mean ****ING SOAKED!) in blood, how i will never know, actually we got a lot of bloody stuff, pretty gross.

now i work in a machine shop its a million times better.
Dishwasher, the only good part was getting to work with one of my best friends.
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I WILL one day rule the world, Pm me with the position you want and Ill see if it is open.
Still at mine, only been working there for like week and a half.

Its advance auto parts. I don't know shit about cars though. Make $8.00 an hour. Wish I didn't get so many hours. I'd rather have like 20 a week as opposed to the like 32 I get.
I washed dishes in a pub for £4.50/hour. I worked there for almost a year and every moment of it sucked. I just ended up with terrible dry, cracked skin on my hands and stinking of old food. Plus my shift was Friday nights, meaning I couldn't go out.

Then I worked as an assistant in a village shop for £5/hour. Probably THE most boring job in the world. I was on my own in the shop all day, so the hours dragged on FOREVER. It was a tiny village so there weren't loads of customers so I spent most of my time bringing stock out, arranging the shelves and cleaning.

Now I work at a kids' soft play centre for £5.25/ hour. Love this job, I spend most of my time cooking in the kitchen, which I really enjoy. The best part is the friends I've made there though, I work with great people.
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Man that's badass.

life guard at a YMCA started at $6.00 been there for two years now and i make 6.80 but ill be a supervisor this summer and make $10
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I don't actually have a job at the moment, I never have, but hopefully a dude (and when I say dude I mean chav) I know who works at the local music shop will be quitting to join the army, so I can nick his job, I'm pretty well known there now, and the daughter of the guy who owns it used (or at least I hope used) to have a major crush on me, so she'll probably be able to put a good word in.

If I get that job it would be great, as I know that the working hours are flexible and I'll still be able to go on army cadet weekends, which I do quite often, as the guy I was telling you about who works there now does the same thing (he's in army cadets too).

So fingers crossed that'll be my first job
Paper boy still going. starting next week working at the post office in the evenning as well getting about £10 an hour
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I sacked groceries for $5.75 an hour. I was sexually harassed by another man in the bathrooms and decided to quit.

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