Hey there guys, i just joined this magnificent forum, really great indeed!! its been helping me a lot actually... and reading all of u guys has taught me many things,.. but now ive got a problem fo u guys...

I have a Fender Lite Ash Stratocaster, its been great playing with it and everything seems to work just fine, except for this little recent problem... I changed into new strings, and now the bridge seems to be "lifted up". Its like the strings are pulling off it... i asked a friend... and he told me that i should open it frm behind and tight the screws that hold the springs on the back, and thats what i did, it seemed to push the bridge a little bit back to its place, but unfortunately the springs seem to be stretching by the second.. so im worried ill stretch them too much they wont go back to its place. So yeh, the birdge is still up, and i just cant seem to fix it... i dont want to force the springs anymore, and ive thought that probably i got the wrong strings for my guitar, though i did take my old strings with me to the shop and they gave me the right measurement. So if you could all find a solution for this id really appreciate it!! thanks a lot ^^
Oh, one last thing, if any of u guys can't imagine what the problem is, ill be more than happy to post a picture of my bridge so u can all help me out on it.
Either you have gone up a gauge or two when you changed strings (thicker strings) or you have gone up a tuning or two (say from drop or standard D up to E), or a combination.
Whatever you've done, you've put extra tension on the springs in the bridge. In order to get the bridge to become parallell with the body again, you either need to tighten your strings more, or use thinner strings or a lower tuning.
If you don't want to tighten your strings any more, you have to do one of the two latter options.
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yeah what you did by tightening the screws was the right thing. try to retune, cos from my experience only a small change in the screw massively changes the tuning on your guitar, so they're probably tuned really high at the moment. retune, then adjust the screws, then retune, then tighten etc. until its in tune and you're happy with the bridge position
you should have maybe slackened the strings before tightening the screws.
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