So, I have looked around a bit, or actually a lot, and looked at Esp, Ibanez, and Gibson and decided against them for various reasons, and I'm sure that I'm going to buy a Fender American Standard Stratocaster as that seem to be a very good guitar for me. I like the feel of Strats over any other guitars (the most important) and it seem to be a quality guitar that I will still play in ten years time (that, I can not say about my Epi). The only thing is that the HSS-version doesn't come in olympic white, maybe I'll buy the SSS one and put a humbucker in it or just buy the HSS in black. I really want it in white, though.

So, that was the guitar, but do you think I should buy a new amp too? I really like the Vox Valetronix I have now, but do you know any good tube-combo that's not too expensive and is around 30 W (I would like one that will not break after a couple of years and is reliable, in that case)? (Pricerange is maybe around $400, or maybe a little more, I'm using the money I have saved up for a moped (is it called that in English???) to buy a guitar as I think that is a much better way for me to spend the money.) The guitar is more important right now, so don't say that I should put $1000 on the amp and $400 on the guitar instead.

I like how the sound on the Vox I have now is, very good clean and decent distiortion and would not like the other way around, even if I mostly play with distortion, I don't use so much of it. I don't know how to explain what sound I want.

Thanks everyone here, you have been helpful every time I needed help and I don't think you will disappoint me now either.
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If you like it and can afford it, get it. I would suggest spending more money an the amp then the guitar because an awesome guitar wont sound its best through a cheaper amp while a decent guitar would sound pretty good through a higher end amp. Go for a tube combo.

EDIT:your amp seems fine. grab the guitar
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I would suggest that if you are going to gig, get a new amp, if you arent then guitar...
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The amp is fine. Granted you can get a way better tube amp, but I'd save up before doing so, as you'll probably want to settle for a higher end tube amp anyway, so buying a cheap one now seems like a waste of money.

About the strat: If I was you, I'd get the SSS Strat and put a single sized humbucker in the bridge. It doesn't sound exactly like a humbucker, but it is a lot bassier and sounds more aggressive than a single coil. My instructor has a Strat with such a thing and sounds amazing with it (and he plays through a Vox AD100VT).
I would go with the SSS version and put a humbucker in it, since painting the guitar white is such a big job...
And when putting in a new humbucker you can have more choice in sound,
Also your amp is just fine for practicing on, I would either save that money or use it for the best quality pickups you want...
And when you say for "a moped" I think you mean the english expression
The money I saved for a rainy day :P

Anyways good luck in choosing the guitar thats just right for you
Thanks for the advice, I think I will just buy the guitar now and save and buy a high-end amp when I need it more than I do now. Now, it's just how I'm going to do with the guitar left to decide, buy a SSS Strat in OW and mod it, or just buy a HSS Strat in black or blizzard pearl or something. I will have to look at the colors first as pics doesn't do any guitar justice.
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How you know you have too many guitars...

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I have that amp and i think it is Perfect for everything bar gigging..I also moved up to a Fender Tele72 from an Epiphone SG custom and the improvement is amazing
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