I'm trying to learn the fade to black intro solo and I can't nail that one fast part. I know it's only for a few seconds but it's still tough for me. How much practice would you say it takes to nail stuff like that?
It caught me by surprise. I suddenly realized I can play bass fast when I noticed that I can use 3 fingers.
Thats played using economy picking, just take it slow and build up speed. Ive been playing 6 years and that part still gets me sometimes.
I dunno, I've ben playing so long I can't remember. Umm let's see, the Fade to Black intro... yes I know the part you mean! Can you normally play at that speed? If no it's gonna be a while but keep at it and you'll get it. If you normally can the real trick with that lick is that it is mostly legato. There is very little picking involved so really concentrate on your fretting hand. Play it very slow at first and work your way up. It's gonna take some time but you'll get there! Don't give up!
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It caught me by surprise.

I had a similar experience. One day, I was jamming out to a Santana song, and I just started ripping...there was no warning haha.
I'm getting there, you normally advance in 'bursts' up until then you feel as though you'll never get better, but eventually you do it all in one go
I wouldn't say i'm really fast just yet; I'm not slow by any means but I'm not fast and it doesn't matter anyway because I have trouble writing songs of my own.
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Well I'm not familiar with that solo (haven't heard the song in forever) but it really just depends. I've seen people play for a very little amount of time (few months) and can really play some good paced solos. But I would guess that it's just how you learn and all of that. I personally have had a guitar for 7 years and played off and on until around december 2007 and now I practice from the time i get off from school until I go to bed and most weekends I play from about when I wake up (around noon) up until I go to bed (ranges from midnight to 6am or later). And Im just now getting to be able to play really fast but I improvise and work on different techniques (sweep picking, tapping, etc) rather than learn other peoples solos. But I strongly recommend using a metronome and start of playing the solo slow, then work your way up. Just don't get frustrated over it and keep trying because you'll eventually get it!
Ok ive been playing for 2 years and 85% of my time is playing rythm and fingerpicking.
Sometimes i play on my cheap ibanez electric and learn some metallica and hendrix stuff and im ok but nothing especial. The fade to black intro took me a a year and half of playing to get it fluid. The speed comes for practicing with accuracy, discipline AND TIME; it wont happen overnight.

As for tips learn the solo perfectly by ear, you can play it in your head. And for the fast part slow it down practice it some weeks and suddenly youre playing it.
You dont need to be fast or anything... if you just start practicing that lick like 70% times slower than original speed and work your way up you should be just fine...

from my expirience i couldn't control the right hand so i tapped the lick with left =P but today after playing guitar for 1 year and 1 month i just play it normaly... i just practiced it very very very very very slow for few hours
For me, it comes to a wall, and then I have to break through that wall. A couple months ago I had problems blowing straight 16s at 60 BPM haha...now, I'm at a 100, and trying to clean it up. Once I do, I'll probably advance rapidly till the next wall.

I'm more of a melodic player, but I enjoy speed runs to add to my sound.
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ive been playing almost 2 years now, i practice seriously for around 5 hours a day sometimes more if i have time. im not familiar with the song that you mentioned but, i advise definitly start slow build it up. you have to make sure your fingers know what to do before you can get them to do it fast.

as for how long does it take well... it varies. i meen ive been playing just under 2 years as i said and i can play blitzkrieg by malmsteen (not including solo) at full speed cleanly. but i do practice a lot. so i guess its down to how much you practice and what you practice. usually the key to playing cleanly and fast is good economy picking technique and clean legato.

so keep at it man practice and you will get it
its hours and hours of practise man it wont come over a couple days of hours of opractise it comes gradually i nailed all of FTB couple weeks ago for my exam just remeber its not a sweep pick its econmy picking (up down up down) picking.
One day, I was playing guitar, and I looked to my right and saw a Nascar. It was then, and only then, that I realised I was playing fast.
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You have to practice it slow and slowly speed it up.....My friend got it down and once he got a job he couldn't practice guitar very much....In the past 6 months he's been able to play like 5 times and he can still play it almost flawlessly up to speed...
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