I bought this kit


I built it, and well from what i can tell I did everything correctly (obviously i did not since it isnt working :/ )

Heres the schematic and parts layout



For some reason. When i plug in a 9v source (power supply or battery) The LED goes dim as i turn the 500k (volume) pot clockwise. If i turn it ccw it goes bright and then it goes out if I turn it all the way CW.

It doesnt seem to do anything when I plug my guitar and amp into it. If i have the pedal turned off, a loud noise/hum is produced through my amp. When i turn the pedal on the noise goes away. Whether the pedal is off or on the sounds from my guitar dont make it to the amp.

Any ideas as to why the LED would go out as i turn the pot?

Does the switch have a certain orientation? There is a 2 in one of the corners (well i think its a 2...) does it matter where it is? all the wires are in the correct position in relation to one another but maybe i need to turn the switch 90 degrees or somethin?
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have you tried contacting the company you bought it from? this could be a common mistake. contact them and they may tell you right away what to look for.
Thank you please.
Sounds like the switch if its 90 degrees out then yea everything would be hooked up wrong. Its true bypass so should get sound in off position. You dont want the lugs on switch to line up up and down when looking at it on diagram want em lined up across.
Pics of your circuit?
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yeah in the pics of it completed in the instructions the switch is side ways (terminals are sideway)

Ill fix it hopefully today and hopefully that was my only prob

sweet so you guys were right. All i had to do was turn the switch.

Thanks a bunch guys!

edit: alright problemo.... so i just tried it in comparision to my overdrive (boss sd-1) and distortion (Danelectro fab distortion) and it basically just sounds like my overdrive...

Ive messed with the one taper pot and (turning clockwise, lets go from a scale of 1 to 8) from 1 to 4 it sounds like overdrive, then around 4 its about as fuzzy as it gets (still pretty much sounds like overdrive) around 5 it gets fuzzier but the volume also drops significantly and then past that it doesnt let any sound through...

wtf? lol
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so heres the problem, it doesnt sound how it should sound.

Heres what mine sounds like


It is going like this

Clean, then with overdrive on, then with distortion, then with my pedal.

It should sound something like this


it just sounds like my overdrive though :/

Any ideas? I made an audio probe but i dont know what i should be looking for. With the audio probe, at some points (such as the collector on Q2) i can hear the actual guitar sounds through the amp, on most of the other points if i touch them i just hear a slight change in hum/noise...if that what i am supposed to be looking for?
anybody here know how i am supposed to use an audio probe? I cant find anything on google