Is there any sort of advice you can give on getting the fretting hand faster? I mean, i go like 00000000 with my right hand on speed and 0011110000 with my left hand (0 are the notes i get with my speed and the 1's are the the notes i miss) its like my right hand is way too fast for my left hand DD: and i hate that because this leaves me outta some sort of stuff >.<

I know that everything there is to is just practice but i want to know if there's some techniques that would help developing my left hand speed faster?

That's all i want to know atm, the end~!
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Slow down.

Slow down until you can do it fine and then speed up gradually with a metronome; do not move onto a higher speed until you can do it at a lower speed.
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check out Vai's 10 hour work out, lots of good ones there!
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Yeah slow your right hand down to match your left, then gradually speed them up together.
Think its known as your "snap" value. Its all about timing..speed is just a consequence of practice my friend
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I was told one way to practice, to increase speed is to first use a metronome, and go at a slow speed. Accuracy counts. Once you feel your accuracy is pretty good, slowly increase the metronome speed.

The next thing, is while you're doing the above, periodically try a faster speed for a few measures, then bring it back down to the speed that you were practicing at for accuracy. Just sort of do that every so often, kind of as a break from monotony.

Just putting it into practice myself, but it sounds like pretty good advice to me.
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i find the same thing hard...i mean my accuracy is way out. lol but i think jst practicing as much as possible helps but i would slow the right hand until it matches the left and then work them out together lol
Try to use minimal movement and keep your fingers as close as possible to the fretboard. That's why you should start slow. When you speed up, if your hands start moving frantically, you should slow back down until you can control their movement.
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The best ways are to practice sweeping and legato.

The good thing about this two techniques, is that they train your accuracy, and make you use you fingers in uncomfortable positions.
Gawd this advices are like sex to me xDxDxDxD...

Guess it would be just some moar time and to steal my bro's metronome for quite a while haha :P

Thanks for the advices guys, i think they will really help me!!!~
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Slow down like people have said and stop thinking of the two hands as separate entities...you don't want to speed one hand up, or slow the other down.

You want to focus on getting your hands working together.
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SLOW DOWN! There is absolutely no use in going so fast that you can't play all of the notes cleanly. Slow it down to something manageable, and gradually bring it up to speed.