hey guys im not sure if this is the right section for this....

but, I am thinking about trading my ESP LTD EC-50 (electric) for my friends Ovation Celebrity cc11 (acoustic) w/ hardcase.

is this a good deal?
were they the same price when they were bought ?? and are they the same age and conditions as each other ??
Well, the thing is I know very little about these guitars, and guitars in general.
I want an acoustic, but now I will have a Marshall 15 watt that I will never use.
So I dont know what to do.
I kind of like the guitar, but it feels wierd. Maybe its because I have never played a real acoustic guitar, so it feels kind of cheap.

Please guys, I need to know which one is worth more, because I dont want to get ripped off.

What would be the overall best guitar to chose?