So I have this glass pipe and I want to clean it and had heard people say I should boil it in water. Is that a good idea? I just dont want to mess up my bowl.
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yea but do it outside or it may stink
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dissolve some baking soda in hot (not boiling) water and let the piece sit in it for about 30 minutes. worked well for me. i dont like the idea of smoking out of something thats been soaking in alcohol.
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naw man, all you do is fill it about a quarter of the way with salt, then fill it about halfway with rubbing alcohol. shake it around. repeat. does the trick every time.


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Sandwich ziplock bag, fill with rubbing alcohol and salt, and shake. works like a charm. best way ever.
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boiling pipes works fine, plus you can always smoke the left over resin that comes out of your pipe without having to evaporate any chemicals. Do not boil your pipe if there is a liquid center on it, cause what happens when liquid boils? A gas is produced, and where does the gas go? Smash !!! A friend of mine made this mistake, its obiously not a good idea when you think of it, but he was dumb.