ive got a delta acoustic guitar, and some of the strings wont work on the 5th or 12th fret. like the e strings are the worst but the b string does it too. g, d, and a however are unaffected.
1. whats going on
2. can i get it fixed,
3. how much will it cost
no the actions fine. its like when i use one of those frets with one of those strings, it hits the little raised peice of metal the separates the frets in one fret down, so its like im playing the note one fret higher, and like that note (one the 5th fret) doesnt exist. all the other frets are fine, its just in those two spots that it does that.
FYI, those raised metal things ARE the frets. The spaces in between them are simply the spaces on the fingerboard between the frets. Sounds like you have a couple of high frets that might need filing and leveling so that they are on the same plane as the rest of them. I'd take it in to a luthier to have it checked out. Get a price for the job before settling on having it done, so that you can judge if it's worth it for that guitar or not.
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5th and 12th fret
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It seems like your neck could be warped. You can take a metal straightedge and lay it against the frets along the length of the board. There should be a very slight gap between the straightedge and say the 9th fret or so. Then looking toward either end the gap will get gradually closer until you get to the ends.

If you have buzz or contact with frets further toward the bridge than the fret you're playing, the fret you're playing may be too low or the next one might be too high. It will be easier to see which of these are your problem with the straightedge.

Another possibility is that your 6th and 13th frets have "popped" and are too high.
Again, the straightedge will help you see this.

If it's just a couple of frets that have popped, I don't imagine it will cost much at all to have a luthier press or hammer them back in.

If your neck is warping, you could have your frets leveled and polished, but the problem might come back if the warping continues.
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