Poll: Do you like iced tea?
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39 74%
8 15%
Haven't tried!
6 11%
Voters: 53.
Probably 90% of the time that I got to a restaurant, I get iced tea with my meal.
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Don't do that. Even jokingly. *shivers*

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Iced Tea is the shiznit! Jack in the Box and Sizzler have the best. whatever the hell they are using is the best kind
The best iced tea in the world is in Georgia, they call it "sweet tea". They brew it with the power of the sun! Wow, and you know it's good when a yank in PA has had it and remembered it!
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The best brand of Iced Tea is Arizona Sweet Tea.

I don't really like drinking sweet drinks with too much sugar anymore so I don't get it too often anymore but dam I like them.

I grew up in South Africa with a very British family and we had the usually tea time with crumpets and stuff so I enjoy tea, but Iced tea is just amazing kuz it's just iced tea that you don't have to wait 5 minutes for water to boil and drinking tea on hot days is just annoying.

Now the only time I buy it is for munchies when I'm high, it's like the best thing ever, except I just get the plain tea flavor because the flavored **** like lemon is horribly strong when I'm flying.
the whole concept is just twisted and wrong.
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Home-made stuff is better.

My dad makes a killer brew.
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Man that's badass.

yup its tha shiz. Snapple, Tazo, and Arizona iced tea. they all kick ass!
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