**** emo by:kevin dupuis

****in tight pant wearing pansies
they bug me so ****ing much
walking around, stairing at the ground
i wish i could find a way to shut them all up

unmotivated illiterate kids
letting emotions run rabid
dimminishing our youth
with stupid unnecessary habits

caring about nothing
except how their hearts break
not knowing all the damage
their uncontrollable whinning makes

i heard the majority cut
i really don't know if this is true
but if they don't shut the hell up
I'll show them what MY blade can do

as you can see, there is hate in me
i don't let it show often
but when i'm disgusted by something so fully
i write about it, to seal it in my hate coffin
this, is awful.
Terrible Poem. Terrible Concept. Terrible everything.
Your closed-mindedness and direct threats (I'll show them what MY blade can do) make you embody the very scum of the world.
"Illiterated kids"? thats cute. nice stereotype.
It doesn't change the fact they're still people just like you.
Get a life and mind your own buisness.
Don't like what "emo"'s wear? thats nice, keep it to yourself.

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