Ok Pit, I have my final for my public speaking class tonight, and I have to deliver a speech about a little known yet important cause (so nothing like the dangers of smoking or Darfur). Problem is, I can't think of anything good.

So, any ideas?
Your speech is tonight and you haven't bothered doing anything about it until now?
I'm going to keep my ideas to myself just to spite you.

Tell us how bad your failing was afterwards.
Hmm...Scotland. Can't be worse than a presentation of pedobear. I'll start researching up. And yes, I'm waiting till tonight. There is a such thing as other finals, and more important ones at that.
The Scotland things maybe actually a good idea, as stated above he'll absolutly destroy our whole economy if he succeeds, not to mention our defences will be funkered and the idea of needing a passport to get into Englad means alot of people living on either side of teh border will need to either gain citizenship or granted work perments to stay in there jobs.
Edit: to name but a few drawbacks of independance.
Edit Edit: plus he's a nationalist ad the less of them the better.
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Talk about the new bill about orphaned works.


Basically is this law is passed any work of art anyone creates won't be copyrighted to them unless they get an official license and ****. So struggling artists and musicians who don't have enough money to copyright their works will get ****ed over big time.