ok, heres my problem. i can do pinch harmonics oon all the strings, i know how the whole thing works, but im not sure which part of my thumb needs to be hitting the string. that prob doesnt make sense so ill explain it better. ok if for say im doing a PH on the 3rd string, i have to like push the pick alot farher outward to make my thumb hit the string but when i do, i scrape the 2nd and 1st strings and i have alot of background noise while i play. how can i hit these PH's and not have all the problems with hitting the other strings. either help personally or if you all know a site with a video or sumthing id appreciate it. thanx.
Simple solution, choke up on the pick. When you are playing, position your pick so that only 2.5mm to 3mm of the pick is actually sticking out past your thumb. This way all you have to do is lean slightly to catch the string for the PH. That's how i do it at least.
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1.When your doing a pinch harmonic you strike the string with ur thumb hitting it at the same time and there u ahve it.
Hey man, i know exactly what you're saying, i had the same problem. Even though the PH is two different actions you need to learn to fuse them together into one fluid movement (if you've ever skateboarded it's much like an ollie where you're hitting the tail and pulling up the nose at the same time).
Without being able to see what you're doing wrong i'd imagine that you're doing too much of a strum - try nailing your wrist to the body of the guitar (disclaimer: not literally!) like you would to play some heavy palm-muting, and when you pick it turn your hand from the wrist, bringing the back of your hand up towards you which exaggerates the thumb's movement in the other direction. It's all in the wrist!
But most of all, dude, keep doing 'em. I spent a long time doing them badly and thought i'd never get it but the more you do it the more you get the feel for it. Feel it!
Hope that helps in some way bro (and made some kind of sense)