hey guys

i about to start wiring my guitar and i plan on doing some non conventional stuff with it i guess. I want my guitar to be wired in stereo as opposed to mono so that i can send the signal to 2 seperate amps if i want to. I want each humbucker to be its own signal. I know some old rickenbackers and bb kings luccile were wired like tihs. how would i go about wiring it and does anyone know of a wiring diagram that would show this.

I only have space for 2 knobs and a pickup switcvh because my guitar has a tiny control cavity. if needed i could get rid of my volume knob and put something else in there because i dont use it at all.

if i were to connect each humbucker to the 3 way switch, would it make it into a mono signal, therefor nulifying my whole idea? would i need a double pole switch to do this correctly?

any ideas are greatly appreciated thanks

oh also, if i were to connect a mono cable to this and put it into a mono amp, would i lose a humbuckers signal or would it just blend the two signals together making it a mono signal again?
oh btw, i want to use a single stereo jack not 2 mono jacks. i have stereo 1/4" cable and a box which will seperate the single stereo cable from the guitar to 2 mono cables for each amp.
so after a whole lot of researching i found out the wiring style i am looking for is called "ric-o Sound." im not to good at figuring out wiring... can anybody please make a diagram as to how to do this wiring setup .