To be completely honest, I think most people can relate to about 93% of songs out there right now.
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Banned because I know a certain girl who used to think chocolate milk came from brown spotted cows....that young girl was a boy...and that boy was me....

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Banned because listen to Sara. She speaks the truth.

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I can relate to Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin so much, that it isn't even funny.
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I fucking hate white people. Nobody is destroying "your way of life". They are trying to destroy your country but that's a different matter...

"And after all of this, I am amazed...

...that I am cursed far more than I am praised."
Would? - Alice In Chains
Line In The Sand - Motorhead (I know it's a WWE enterence, I don't give a horse's behind)
In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth
Nutshell - Alice In Chains
Rolling On - Black Stone Cherry

...I'm pretty bleak
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"death-metal is the best when its in the shape of a dildo and shoved in my ass"

Born to lose...
...live to Win
"i want candy"
2 ducks and a rabbi walk into a bar.
The rabbi enjoys a nice drink and the ducks are shooed out so that health services aren't called in.
The day proceeds as normal.
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Necropedophile - Cannibal Corpse


right now only really

Goofys concern-Butthole surfers
when the weight comes down - black stone cherry

noty particuly the lyrics, butthetune hits me right there.