Awesome stuff.

What do the punx think of Dan P?
I'm the type of nigga that's built to last
If you fuck with me, I'll put my foot in your ass
See, I don't give a fuck cause I keep bailin
Yo, what the fuck are they yellin?!

I'm not extremely punx, but Dan P is the damn man. I've seen MU330 twice and had lengthy conversations with him at the merch table twice. He is a wonderful person.

So much energy live...
gonna go see them...my friend loves them and he is draggin me along...they are alright...
Quote by BrianApocalypse
Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
I love the band and I have one of his solo albums. I haven't listened to them much lately though, it can get old after a while.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.