Okay so this is my first poem I've ever posted. I wrote this for my best friend....whom I'm in love with....only..... she gives me mixed signals and says things that make me question everything..... I want you guys to crit plz. dont hold anything back. thx. :/

Your like an angel,
So graceful, So Beautiful.
Yet at times you strike my emotions
down with one word from those
beautiful lips.

I say you don't mean it.
You say you do with all your heart.
But is it true?

Do you really feel this way?
Or are you just hiding from
what scares you the most?

Life wont always be rainbows and butterflies.....

But it can get close.....
i like it its pretty good.
i dont care for the title i think something like Beautiful lips sounds better
but its not my poem =)
R.I.P. DimeBagR.I.P.