Trading my Ric 620/12 and I'm going to end up with about 1000. So my Budget is close to that. As far a what music I play it pretty much Hard Rock at highest dynamic but at the lowest its pretty mellow U2 kinda sound, hence the use of a Ric 12 string. I have a heavly moded American Standard Tele that I installed humbuckers in as well as a ton of other little stuff. I play mostly Rythm, so I would really like a Fatter neck for comfort reasons. I really waiting a cool guitar, I thinking a Gibson Les Paul Studio, I love the heavyness and the fat neck of these guitars and the thick tone is awesome too. Plus I have always wanted a LP since I strated playing guitar 8 years ago. I was looking also at Schecter C1 Classic, its a lot cheaper but I the hardware on that guitar is pretty awesome, and it looks really awesome too. Really don't want a Strat since I already have a fender Guitar, and the ESP necks are to thin like my tele. When I have to play lead I can always use my tele cause it has a very thin neck,... I'm waiting a fatt neck, Any one else have any ideas? I don't care for tremelo's all they do is make life difficult.
Fat neck?

Les Paul, it's a baseball bat to me but I'm a big Wizard II junkie. Fatter neck than the C-1 classic. It's great for rhythm and well, it's a Les Paul, there's nothing I can tell you about them that you do not already know. It seems to be what you want.
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