hey, how do your EMGs sound through those SS amps you have?

j/w since i have a flextone and am also considering a guitar with emgs
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They're a lot better than the passive pickups I've had in the past. I play basically nothing but metal so they're great for what I want. Also I saw you wondering about the MG, please don't waste your money on it. Judgeing by the equipment you've been asking about I'm assuming you play metal, and the MGs just dont haveenough gain. I had to buy the Metal Muff and that was a huge improvement, but the same pedal run through a tube amp sounds astronomically better to me. My teacher has a recto and my guitar run through that is even better. You're not going to get the full potential out of the EMGs without a tube amp IMO. Whenever I get the money I'm ditching my MG and probably getting a Peavey Valveking. If not the Valveking, definitely something with tubes.