so i was watching few videos, and i saw few that say that they use 2 different amp. what's the point of it? do they use it at the same time? how do you set that up? and if they're using it at the sametime, how do they connect their guitar on 2 separate amp?
was this the one with the fender deluxe rever '65 and the Roland jc 120? and i dont know either
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You connect to an A/B box and switch between the two amps via a footswitch. The point is so you can have say the killer cleans of a Fender and the crushing gain of a Mesa, for example.
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it gives them 2 different tones at the same time.

Some artists record their studio work with up to 6 different kinds of amps just to get the "perfect" sound.

you can put a pedal in your line that has stereo out, or, get adapters and use a headphone splitter, works fine for me
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Yes alot of people use two amp at the same time and there are a few ways you can set that up. One is using a Y cable. One end plugs into you're axe or wireless unit and the other two ends go to the amps. Another way is to have your guitbox plugged into one, and then have a cable going from the line out (i believe) to the input of the other amp.
Also you can use a signal splitter and there are other ways as well.

Adam Jones of Tool used to use a Bogner amp and a Fender Bassman at the same time to get his tone.
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i c thanks guys. is there a way to use both of them at the same time then on some songs change to just one of them? i know there's a footswitch, but does the footswitch allow you to use both? i dont know it that make any sense. for example let say for the first 2 songs i want to use both of them. then on the 3rd song i just want to use 1 of the 2 because it has a better clean sounds. so yeah. i hhope that made sense. haha
uh... maybe you can just unplug the amp you don't want to use? is that kind of what you're talking about.

if it's like that, i'd just do than instead of buying all of this fancy pedals and equipment, i'm BOKE FOOHL!