so, i like my pod for all the effects and amp models, but high up on the fretboard it starts to sound really digital.
is there any way to stop this?
will an all valve amp instead of the SS amp im running it through help?
any other suggestions?

thanks - (not a)metallicafan616

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Tubes might help, maybe kinda sorta but not really in a round about way
The POD is what it is, love it or hate it.
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You can try running it through a full-range EQ. Turn the very high frequencies way down. It won't get rid of it but it could help. The short answer though is no, you can't ever dial it out.
I know that there are these Atomic amps which sort of "undigitizes" your signal. But... It'll still be digital sounding.
Thats why I don't even toy around with digital stuff. I go all analog.
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