I have been asked to play a song at my school record of acheivement leaving ceremony. Basically i have acoustic guitars and vocals. It would be nice to just strum chords and sing because i have limited time to learn it.

Anyone got any suitable ideas?

Cheers guys.
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good ridance - Green Day is pretty well on topic but well played out
Headin out to the Highway - Judas Priest, you'd have to rework it a bit but playing Priest at your graduation is pretty damn bad ass
Goodbye to Romance - Ozzy, a little tough
Into the Great Wind Open - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

The more I think about it, the Tom Petty one is perfect. It's easy to play and on topic. Every loves Petty and it is not offensive at all.
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Times Like These-Foo Fighters
American Pie-Don McLean with the chorus reworked as "Bye bye good ol Llandrindod High" (assuming you still go there of course). You would have to rework some of the verses as well.
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