So about 5:00 AM there was a power cut in my area and around (My dad said). At like 7 AM my mate rang me saying that his eclectric is back on. So I had to go without the whole morning with out coffee or Red Bull (I usually get this in the morning btu the shops was closed )

So I went school. Alot of drama happened (This doesn't matter for thsi thread) and when the last bell went I ran home to see if the electric was back on...


**Cliff hanger**


It wasn't on and I was pretty annoyed. For the next hour I sat...Staring into nothing-ness... My dad gor home and we went Tesco to get some suplies since we had to throw everything in the freezer away.

We got back and the burgler alarm was going off... Horay! My electricty was back on

What a day

Just felt the need to post this

PS, Sorry about spelling/gramatical errors.... I did nto proof read my post...
ummm...cool....kinda? maybe?
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What a sh*t thread.

"There's a power cut.
Some interesting stuff happened but I won't tell you about that.
I got home and it was still off.
I went to Tesco.
I got home again, it was on."

Sh*ts to this.
Last time we had a powercut was great fun, me and my girlfriend of the time had kinky sex, and we took loads of pictures.

i hope you get a permanent power cut just for posting this
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you shouldnt have to throw everything in the freezer away after one day...
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they are so ****ing random. they're really annoying. then it's like '...lol i remember the last one'.