Hi for my birthday i can get a a half stack but cant really go over $450-500 CA. I will be getting some decent stuff in a year or so when im working full time, so for now this stuff is just an upgrade from my combo amp and to hold me out for awhile.

I am looking at a Ibanez tone blaster 150 watt head
ibanez head
and for the cab i am looking at this behringer 4x12 200watt cab.

So my question is, would that be an alright head and cab match? or would the head be too much for the cab etc. just looking for some input, and like i said this stuff is basically just going to be used for maybe a year or so untill i can get some higher quality gear.

or is there a better head/cab set up i can get for $500 CA ?....thanks for any input...btw i mostly play metal...any type really.
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i suppose i dont know though that ist would be better to get a head for 500 or the cab and when you have a job and get the other half and so you can get some better quality stuff.
and behringers crap just crap