Oh, and irised isn't a spelling error; it is an old word that has sadly dropped out of the common contemporary canon meaning iridescent; I found it in a Thomas Hardy poem- Beeny Cliff-

There is a matchstick-mortality in every rock and cell,
There is a broken bird singing, but I guess that is just as well,
There is a preacher with a dictionary trying to define ‘hell’,
There is a lover made of warmth, whose taught me things I could never tell,
The Pious and The Infidels, break the mood with their dispute,
They place themselves in check-mate,
As the lights go out on High Street.

There is a clock in the corner and a glass of vanity,
There is an anonymous making love to a lens, worshipping symmetry,
There is a number, not a name and a three year warranty;
There is the ignorance of Titanic, laying at the bottom of the sea,
When you scrub away the static on that broken T.V screen
You can see man become a microchip,
As the lights go out on High Street

There are ballrooms dancers in tight embrace, dancing to decay
There is Goliath and little david, and a throne a stone-throw away
There is Einstein and Augustine, but neither have much to say
There is Gepetto, and a marionette, he says “Adam” is his name
Do the Forest or the Ocean, argue the colour of the Son of God’s skin?
Look closely; he is irised
As the lights go out on High Street

There is the Satan and his mirror, looking out the cellar door.
There is Newton, unravelling calculators, hoping he’s found a cure
There is a chalice and a trashcan, arguing over which is pure
There is blind Fate, playing viola, waiting to hear applause.
The string of his bow, is the thread of the time; it is discordant, but still tears leak
From the eyes of all that listen,
As the lights go out on High Street

There is a Calendar pinned with a nail, he says Christ is his name
There is an endless ordeal, that is collapsing because of oil and a cowboys game
There is every country’s flag and an attempt to hide naked shame
There is the fall of man, and a fallen man; but don’t they look the same
Whilst, Melville holds a pistol, and fires a shot of omniscient ink,
The human heart is his target,
As the lights go out on High Street
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