Ok, so i want a MAXIMUM of three pedals. im going the digitech route. ive got the metal master, getting the synth wah, and i want to know...which should i get..the turbo flange, or the whammy? bear in mind my guitar has a whammy BAR. which one would help me get more variety and bellamy-like experimental stuff?

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It sounds like you don't know what they do (well a whammy pedal at least).
A whammy pedal is an octave pedal. I suggest trying them both out first.

What type of music do you play?

EDIT: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-Whammy-Pedal-with-MIDI-Control?sku=150171

There's sound clips on there of the Whammy pedal
get a whammy
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Whammy definatley even though I dislike digitech.
alot of fun to play around with, make interesting sounds.. lol
even though you have a whammy bar on your guitar and a whammy pedal can function like one kind of, it does way more then that.. isn't anything like the bar.
like someone said, it's basically like a cool octave pedal or pitch shifter.
yeah i was a little unsure at what the whammy actually did, so thanks for answering me that as well

and ill check the sounds out

EDIT: yeah the sounds are cool and i play all kinds of stuff really MUSE, avenged sevenfold, dragonforce, pantera, green day, and i also want to create really experimental effects-based songs.
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